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Come meet some friends of mine (kyle x reader story)

Come meet some friends of mine (kyle x reader story)

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Vkusno! By southparklover972 Updated Aug 31, 2015

"Ugh mom really? I need to go do something." You were squirming in the back of the car. "(Y/n) your gonna live its about 20 minuets now." "REALLY?!?? FINALLY I CAN MOVE!!" You yelled. "Shhhhhh you are to loud." You didn't wan to move really, because you knew your one friend always made friends for a year and loses them but then gets new ones each year. You were they one who always was there. She was panicking when she heard you were moving. Your other friend was sad also but not like your first. Your best friend who panicked was (y/b/f) and your other was (y/b/f). You were sad because they were they best. At least you had their numbers. "Were here!" Your mom said snapping out of your day dream. You got out of the car and walked in. Everything was moved in already so you explored. You found your room and flopped on your bed. You had a big tv right in front of your bed. A shelf with all your video games and your stuffed animals. You had a soft spot and they were in it. You got out your s...

fine *turns on King for a day by pierce the veil* Have fun having your eardrums bleed mother!
Lunamon_100 Lunamon_100 Apr 08
I love that song I listen to it in the shower I love it so much
Jay-T_Larsin Jay-T_Larsin Dec 23, 2016
Damn o^o 《Plays some Tøp》 LEAVE ME WITH MY DEPRESSION MUSIC 0^0
PhanGroup PhanGroup Dec 31, 2016
NO WAY!!! ITS DOLLHOUSE!!! Me and my little sis memorized this song and made movements!
Emma_and_Alex Emma_and_Alex Dec 03, 2016
                              *turns Play Date on*
                              Mom: TURN IT OFF, THAT HAS CUSS WORDS!
southparksugardaddy southparksugardaddy Nov 21, 2016
I'm only reading this b/c I have an obsession with Kyle I think it's true love and it's probably unhealthy