Still Just A Bad Boy? || Book 3

Still Just A Bad Boy? || Book 3

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My jog slowed, and I pulled up my hood in hopes that he wouldn't notice that it was me. Everything was intensified: the burning in my calfs, the breaths I took, the pain in my chest, but the most unbearable was his gaze. It never left me, and I couldn't help but look back at him. 

Time was the slowest it had ever been. Seconds felt like a millennium, and the minute it took me to round the corner and go past him, well, that felt like I had witnessed the big bang and every thing up until this very moment.  Maybe he wouldn't notice me now that I've filled out and have a different hair color, but he wouldn't have jumped up like that if Brett didn't already suspect it was me. I made it off of the track, and began to go back to my house, when I heard the scariest thing ever: footsteps.

Heavy footsteps thudded behind me. They could only be one person, and I didn't exactly want to talk to Brett right now. I picked up my pace while cursing my boobs for getting big. I also cursed at myself for not wearing a sports bra. 

"Jess... Jess wait up!" He yelled, in a high pitched voice, I managed to say, "I'm not Jess you creep!" This threw him off guard for a total of three seconds, but that was just enough time to put more distance between us. By now I was sprinting, hoping that I had more endurance than I'm used to.

"Stop! Jess, I.. Jess I need to talk to you," his words sounded innocent, but the way he said them made him sound like he was psychotic. "go away Brett!" i yelled.
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KittyCat310 KittyCat310 May 17, 2017
awesomeawesomeness1 awesomeawesomeness1 Jun 03, 2016
Oh my God don't let her and have get together!! IT'S JESS AND BRETT!!!
                              Mkay in done. Please continue
Bpgrey Bpgrey Apr 13, 2016
I don't get how she doesn't tell Brett he has a daughter who is she to say he's not mature enough to be a Dad, having a child has nothing to do with the relationship between the two of them, she doesn't have any right to deny him being her father, she didn't even give him the chance
amelialand amelialand Mar 04, 2017
How tf would you know if he was mature enough? You're too immature to go back and tell him he's got a goddamn child
xbox3608799917273 xbox3608799917273 Dec 22, 2014
I have read a three of your books and they are nothing short of being amazing please keep on writing thanx
mia_maria_1234 mia_maria_1234 Dec 04, 2014
I think I should like squish this series together than publish it a one book with three parts like in the mortal instruments series