Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

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tinelucero By tinelucero Updated Nov 01, 2014

In New York, Denver, Paris and Berlin, four peolpe have died in what appear to be random accidents.

When two women-widows of the dead-find themselves under merciless attack, their fear and confusion help them to form an unlikely alliance. But why are they being targeted? Is there a connection to their husbands' myterious deaths?

Meanwhile, the Chief Executive of an international Think Tank is on the cusp of a discovery which could change the world--and deliver unbelievable power into the company's hands. Could the myterious deaths be connected to this volatile secret?

read and find the anwer..
enjoy reading!:)

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tinelucero tinelucero Oct 24, 2014
thanks for the comment..if u like..can I include your name as one of the characters?
stereomaniac_ stereomaniac_ Oct 24, 2014
Wow, he decide Fisherman, this story is interesting and very mystery, I like that:-)
ImA_Bibliosapien97 ImA_Bibliosapien97 Oct 19, 2014
You clubbed together most of the people's character sketch in this part. Like a better way would be if you gave a character sketch after or before (s)he had a dialogue.
ImA_Bibliosapien97 ImA_Bibliosapien97 Oct 19, 2014
Hey! This is really well written but as I proceeded to read ahead, I couldn't help but be perplexed. I would suggest you to combine those little parts into one chapter.