Finding You

Finding You

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HungryBookWorm1 By HungryBookWorm1 Updated Feb 02

Elizabeth, or Liz, Morgan has only one goal: keeping her secret identity, well, a secret. 

Sure, she loves singing, and according to some of her followers, she's good at it. But that doesn't mean she's just going to go out to the world and start beating out lyrics for the whole world to hear. So she plays it safe, going on a private website where only other songwriters are exposed to each other's music. 

Come in David Styler, one of the most popular teen artists of his time. He's got everything: the look, the voice, the record deal. 

When David takes an unexpected break from his musical career to come back to high school, their two lives inevitably twist together through the one thing they have in common: their love of music. David makes Liz question everything she once believed, leaving only one question. Is it worth risking everything for the chance of something more?

#188 in Teen Fiction (5/20/16)

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Dream702 Dream702 Oct 04
No the mean girls are beautiful, just everyone calls them ugly just so there not liking the mean girl
Linette Linette Oct 04
Am I the only one who realised that she's talking about beauty but then proceeds to talk about theirs clothes and not their features?
Actually no, the good girl is never the popular girl😂😂😂😂
I completely understand the flat part 😭 In fact I’m less than flat. I’m concave!
How is it that you got the description of myself right ?? Im not in high school but in one year, I will be and you seriously just described me completely - even the shyness and flat part !!! Well except for the tennis shoes though, i dont really like wearing stuff like that
i'm literally WEARING THAT OUTFIT RIGHT NOW except i'm not as flat in the front...