Hetalia X Reader Oneshots

Hetalia X Reader Oneshots

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KatherineXCameron By theladyinblood Completed

Ummmm... I gues that its pretty simple to understand. Ha..ha...

God I suck at descriptions.

Anywhoooo this will be a big complication of country x reader and country x country Oneshots I will take requests!

WAHHHHHHHH, WHY IS THIS SOO SAD! ( over here crying my eyes out)
I has controlled meh feelings, and luckily did not cry.
                              Lucky me, eh..?
*jumps into hole of feels*
                              GOODBYE, WORLD.
                              HELLO DARKNESS, MY FRIEND.
*smashes head against wall* *throws self off a cliff* I'm ToTaLlY fInE
Tara531 Tara531 Aug 11
I would totally come back as a spirit and haunt those doctors
Is it bad that im listening to wii music while reading thisXD