Why Me? boyxboy teacherxstudent

Why Me? boyxboy teacherxstudent

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X_freak_X By X_freak_X Updated Feb 13, 2015

"Oh, I wouldn't judge a book by its cover, Harry. I'm indeed gay and I intend on making you mine. And mine only" Is all he said before putting the papers down and walking away.

Harry Clicke is an interesting boy with an interesting past. His sexuality has made problems fall at his feet. 

But, then there's Nolan Smith A.K.A Mr Smith. Harry's new teacher. Nolan has never had a problem with his sexuality. He has gotten everything he has ever wanted! But now he has to face the hard truth about not getting what he wants. 

If Nolan wants Harry, he has to compete with the geek teacher Mr Dyle. 
But only one won't hurt Harry.

(WARNING: contains sexual harassment and/ or drug use. Read at your own risk)

NekoLovesSenpai NekoLovesSenpai Mar 31, 2016
I clutched my hands together in a cutesy position, and let out a soft squeal. My teacher thinks I'm reading stuff I shouldn't be reading now! :)
ROOforyou ROOforyou Oct 04, 2016
Said no one ever,,,,,,well I have......😶😔😣😖😫😞
IMarriedAnApple IMarriedAnApple Nov 18, 2016
That almost like my school. It starts at 7:30 and ends at 2:00. SUCKERS
jen1227 jen1227 Feb 14
Why say that to a student when another student is right there😂
fxckitzfazzie fxckitzfazzie Mar 30, 2016
I'm 16 n I'm 5'2 yes I'm short shut up xD ohh n I have bipolar lol
ghetto1nerd ghetto1nerd Jun 22, 2016
No fair!!! I wanna learn Japanese so I can watch anime without subtitles and go to Japan