Innocent Demon

Innocent Demon

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Tsunayoshi Sawada, born and raised in Italy. Being cute, genius, strong, cheerful and kindhearted makes people see him as a 'perfect' son that every family would be so proud of him.

But that is actually the problem. His existence in the Sawada household is being ignored, despite the fact that he is 'perfect'

His parents adored his adopted sister more. Louise wasn't like him, she was the complete opposite of Tsuna when it comes to Academics and sports. She is also clumsy and shy.

Tsuna liked her at first, but his jealousy made him turn his back away from his once light filled life. Darkness slowly crept in his heart and made the worst out of him.

Would Tsuna's corrupted heart will ever be fixed? When will he find his light once again? Who will give it back? Will he take it? or Is he going to ignore and continue his life like this?

****Still composing a suitable summary****

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EvergreenViolet EvergreenViolet Dec 18, 2017
When I see the pineapple and skylark I'll ask them to beat the crap out off those jerks.
wan2108 wan2108 Mar 03
Any1 interested in joining me to
                              Tutor them?~  ^●^
EvergreenViolet EvergreenViolet Dec 18, 2017
When I see those jerks I'll burry them alive whose with me?raise you're right hand and say tsuna!!!!!
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 May 07, 2017
*goes in her room that is full of her..... Favorite.... Weapons* I'm gonna go on a killing spree on those who are making Tsu-chan sad.
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 May 07, 2017
Tsu-chan!!! Don't worry!!! I'll adopt you!!! And shower you with amour~
- - Feb 25, 2016
*comes out of nowhere and crushes Tsuna in a hug*
                              Ai Ai Ai, don't worry everything will be fine.