A+ Student-Larry Stylinson (teacher/student) *PERMANANT HAITIUS*

A+ Student-Larry Stylinson (teacher/student) *PERMANANT HAITIUS*

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Storm By BooBearx Updated Jan 16, 2013

Harry and Louis met in a bar. They talked, flirted and made out in the club bathroom. Harry goes home, Louis goes home, until the next morning when Harry is at school when suddenly...

"Hey Class, I'm Mr Tomlinson, you're new English teacher"

((Pretty much based on the 'Ezria' romance on Pretty Little Liars, if you've watched it, well you know what to expect, but if you havn't DON'T! because then you'll know what's going to happen))

WARNING!: Contain boyxboy material, so if your a homophobe don't read, and a little message, Some people are gay, get over it xx

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fake_society fake_society Jul 11, 2017
An I the only one thinking "if he looks 17 that should be illegal for Harry to be there"?
Am I the only one who read 1D and not ID?! 🤦‍♀️😂
Queen__Bee14 Queen__Bee14 Aug 18, 2016
Lol and it was 21 commemts on here
                              Well not anymore obviously because of my comment😋
-mrstreestump- -mrstreestump- Sep 22, 2016
On the other side of street I knew.
                              Stood a girl that looked like you.
                              I gets that's deja vu
                              But I thought this can't be true
                              'Cause you moved to west LA
                              Nee your Santa Fe
                              Or wherever to get away from me
living_with_larry living_with_larry May 26, 2015
This story is cute it's so like pll witch is my favorite show so that is a plus