The Glass Prince: The King of The Seven Stars Part One

The Glass Prince: The King of The Seven Stars Part One

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L. S. L. Gray By Claudia_Witter Updated Mar 10, 2016

"There is a prince that lives in an enormous castle, but his castle is empty of people, and it is a prison. But the prince has only ever lived in the castle, so he does not realize that he has been trapped within it since birth."

While this tale does contain knights in shining armor and valiant kings, the main protagonist is neither. He is called Aiden, and he is a dragon and a descendent of an aristocratic bloodline. Dragons are great winged beasts that feast upon the flesh of the dead--and the living. Some live like animals in filthy caves, while others live like royalty in grand castles and eat human flesh using plates and silverware, as if it were fine cuts of meat.

When Rennen and Alden Sinclair move to the city Albus, Rennen soon stumbles across a sight that inspires both awe and horror: a dragon as black as midnight. The dragon is the shape-changer Aiden, who is able to make his form like that of a human, and he is hunted for the item his mistress entrusted to him, an object called "the seventh Seeking Star." 

In a world were violence, secrets, and social classes reign supreme, Aiden takes refuge with the Sinclair siblings while struggling to hide the Seeking Star and the fact that he is a dragon, as well as to cope with his budding attraction for the human she-warrior Rennen and the malefic nature within himself. Having lived his entire life away from civilization in a sheltered castle in the Western Mountains, Aiden is unprepared for the harsh reality that his mistress Moria had protected him from: the intense hatred of his kind, whole cities full of starving people, the dangers that simply walking down a street could offer. He is a fragile prince made of glass, and the real world just might manage to make him shatter into pieces. 

Cover made by soundthealarm.

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