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StephenMHolak By StephenHolak Updated Aug 13, 2016

A small UN military force sent to settle a colony world's unrest discovers their mission is only deep cover for their true assignment: a task that will set the course of mankind's future--and might just touch off an apocalyptic world war on Earth.

When Major Katherine Colston assumed command of mankind's first interstellar peacekeeping mission--leading a small UN squad on an assignment to stabilize a colony planet 's smoldering civil war--she knew it would be a career-defining event. Thirty years accumulated pay and interest just sweetened the pot. She didn't want to question the wisdom of sending a team over ten light years to intervene in a conflict that would probably be decided long before they arrived; she he just wanted the command. Badly.

But when her dying intel liaison reveals to her the real reason behind the expedition, Katherine is forced to assume responsibility for the success or failure of a vastly different mission--a mission whose outcome will profoundly shape the future of the human race.

"Dropzone" is a bit of a fun seat-of-the-pants writing experiment by a meticulous outliner. I love space opera, and decided to write the first draft of a military sci-fi themed space opera here on Wattpad. I'll be uploading a 2 to 4,000 word chapter about once a week; feedback, comments, suggestions, observations welcome--anything to help shape the novel into a stronger story--is greatly appreciated.