Totally Captivated (Maid to the Mafia Vol. 1)

Totally Captivated (Maid to the Mafia Vol. 1)

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Sophie Praks By SophiePraks Completed

"I'll do anything. Cooking, cleaning, even make coffee. I'm good at making coffee."

Upon uttering the word coffee, Jenny Stone, the smart, resilient and sharp-tongued girl, somehow finds herself paying off her father's debt, by working as a maid to the mafia boss, Giovanni Dente, the obsessive compulsive coffee drinker with movie star good looks.  

And this is just the beginning of Jenny's new life.

Between serving the man his coffee at ungodly hours and doing the man's dirty work, she also has to attend college, ace her exams, and find a way to contact her father and sister who had abandoned her. But within the intricate web that Giovanni binds around her, when it comes time for her to leave, she isn't sure if she can make it out of this web alive, especially when somewhere along the way, she realized her heart is totally captivated by him.

MayaYai7 MayaYai7 Aug 25
This scene is so heartwarming! The innocence of a child can wash away a persons resentment, sadness, pain and anger. I wish there was a painting of this scene I would definitely buy it!
Lilahappy50 Lilahappy50 Oct 11
Damn kid..... When I was your age I don't even know what marry is
Awww wow!! I love this book already!! Can't wait to read more
pajlotus pajlotus Jul 29
Aww... It's so cute if this boy and girl is the main protagonists... They met when they were little..... 😍😘😘😘😘
Zachary333 Zachary333 Jan 27
This is only the synopsis, and I  am already hooked. I know I am going to fall for the characters as well as this book.
ashsingh1182 ashsingh1182 Jul 13, 2015
Ohhh. This reminds me of the Manga Totally Captivated although the main characters are gay.