The French Potter

The French Potter

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Ella By hallowsofdeath Updated Oct 14

'Do not worry my dear Professor, I'm sure their paths will cross one day.'

Everyone's heard of the chosen one, but did you know about The French Potter?

Catherine Lily Delacour Potter is Harry's twin sister. When Harry went to live with the Dursleys, Cat went to France with the Delacours. On her 11th birthday she finally returns to England. But will she be happy there, will she make friends, will she find love, but most importantly, will she finally find her true family?

Bunny0927 Bunny0927 Feb 01
I nearly burst out laughing when I read this and I'm glad I didn't I'm in class right now where I should be working on my essay
If I had the choice I would go to Beaubaxton uniforms are cute sorry not sorry
I was hoping her wand will be veela hair and Phoenix feather
Totally DIDN'T AT ALL see that coming..... XD every HP twin ever
Alright, on the sims 4 I made Lily Potter, James Potter, Harry Potter, and I gave him a sister that had Lily's hair and James' eyes
Emo_Ninja13 Emo_Ninja13 Feb 10
I whip my hair back and forth
                              Now watch me whip now watch me nae nae