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Survivor (Bleach Fanfiction)

Survivor (Bleach Fanfiction)

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kurai_yuri By kurai_yuri Updated Apr 19

Kohaku wasn't an ordinary Shinigami. She was the lieutenant of Squad 6 under Ginrei Kuchiki, and what's more was that she was only twelve years old. She was Ginrei's lieutenant for one year before she was sent on a mission with Shinji, Kensei, Love, and their lieutenants. On this mission she experienced the betrayal of her two best friends and watched the near death of her fellow Shinigami. Her two friends took pity on her and spared her from the hollowfication  virus. Instead, they knocked her into a hundred year coma. Kohaku was the survivor and was going to make sure she got her revenge.

There may be OCxByakuya love in between.

Stormy-Moon Stormy-Moon Apr 22, 2016
Amber rabbit of the moon. That's an awesome name 👌🏻😍😃
mnsweetheart mnsweetheart Sep 18, 2015
this is a really great chapter ! I can't wait to read more :)
Angelicsailor Angelicsailor Aug 16, 2015
Whoa that's awesome!!!!! I mean super scary but ginrei was super cool!!!
Feisty-Bocchan Feisty-Bocchan Apr 19, 2015
So this chapter was informative. I like Kohaku she's a nice girl. But is she snd her grandma and mei living in soul society? because I don't think they allow humans to become shinigami. So far the story's nice.
Feisty-Bocchan Feisty-Bocchan Apr 19, 2015
So, the story seemed nice! I liked this part. I believe it was a powerful and interesting! To my surprise the OC's behaviour and thoughts were 'balanced' which means she is well formed. Your writing style is also good and simple. Great start!