Jasper's Sister: A Seth Clearwater Imprint

Jasper's Sister: A Seth Clearwater Imprint

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Felicity Whitlock Cullen is Jasper Cullen's little sister. They both were turned by Maria and both use to fight and train newborn vampires.

Felicity has a entirely different gift from her brother. Actually she has 2 gifts but she is only aware of the one. She can control all the elements. Like Earth, Air, Fire and Water. its a very useful gift in battle but it has a side affect. It drains her and makes her weaker for a short amount of time.

Felicity and her family are preparing for the newborn fight to protect Bella. What happens when during the training with the wolves, one of the wolves imprints on her? Can two enemies find love for one another? Read to find out.

If she just started that school year as a sophomore then she would be a junior next year.
When i was little i had a dog and i named her pixie because of tinker bell. She was the best dog ever.
I sense a mixture of Stiles Stilinski with his Jeep and Derek Hale with threatening
Ok so Emmett threw City into Seth and she apologized and he imprinted on her. The rest of the wolves heard his thoughts and got angry so yeah.......
                              I know it was a rhetorical question
All the Jasper sister stories have girls from pretty little liars
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❤️ I love how she isn't pissed at Emmett, I would be lol