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Run and Don't Cry [Yandere!Alois Trancy]

Run and Don't Cry [Yandere!Alois Trancy]

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thatambergirlzuliet By thatambergirlzuliet Updated Apr 17, 2016

[This is the sequel to:]
It's been a year since you were captured by Alois. You have now come to terms with your living conditions - sort of, nothing is exactly great. Especially with the nightmares that have set in and the fact that you are due to marry Alois before the year is out. 
However, the horrible balance that has become your life will soon be thrown into turmoil and the question that has plagued your mind will be answered: Is there anyone looking for me?
You often found yourself wondering if anybody was out there looking for you. You wondered if your father was still alive, if your friends were bothering to look for you. You wondered if Esme, the friend who was abroad in America, had phoned to tell you father that you should be home. You told her that you’d phone or write when you got back to England, and you always stuck to promises like that. Maybe she could tell that something had happened since you hadn’t done that. You could only hope.

LadyDarkfae LadyDarkfae May 15
He ain't gonna flirt with another woman, he gonna flirt with C-I-E-L
Why would you do the same to what you wen through? IT ISN'T RIGHT... Ohhh is that Ciel I see in the cover? ;-; heheheheheh
I'm a drug now? Oh?... COME GET YOUR ARWEN. 9,0000000 DOLLARS. It's good for you, and addictive, it's natural....and oh....It's a human being ;-;
;-; The triplets are my friends? Wow...finally... I've got friends now.
F is for friends who do stuff together 
                              U is for you and me
                              N is anywhere down here in this dark old cell!
Ayame_Is Ayame_Is Jul 14, 2016
I'm sorry, but I'd cry and call him names and say he's a total asshat and a son of a pickle loving sock monkey and- okay, I'm probably making zero sense... Haha.... *retreats back to Senpai shrine*