The Cell Phone swap.

The Cell Phone swap.

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Alexandria Taylor is a famous seventeen year old actress with her best friend Ariana Jones. She has money, Fame, Guys and A crazy best friend. She isn't the stereo typical shy girl or the crazy party chick, She's just herself. A weird, Funny, Sarcastic person.

Drew Matthew is an annoying, Sarcastic, egotistic all around typical bad boy. He isn't famous, In fact he hates the rich and famous. He's adventurous and wild. But every bad boy has a soft side. No, This isn't the cliche bad boy, Good girl fall in love shit.

What happens when Alexandria and Drew swap cellphones? We can already tell there's going to be Fighting, Hating, Name calling, Yelling, Harassing, Possibly Love and maybe even sexual frustration. Only one way to find out..

//Copyright. I own all these characters//

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itschicotime itschicotime May 05, 2017
You copied this book. And changed the characters, not cool bruh not cool.
- - Jun 01, 2017
this book is kind of like the book called the cell phone swap by do not microwave
BiancaAries BiancaAries Aug 18, 2016
Hey can you check out my story? It's about vampires and romance if you're interested.
mia_is_sarcastic mia_is_sarcastic May 24, 2016
Its cool but it is really annoying when u don't know the cast on wattpad, u see!
BrownEyeBelle BrownEyeBelle Jan 20, 2016
Overall good, agree w the other two comments. A few errors and I hope it's not a copy of The Cell Phone Swap... And maybe change the title
jmill15 jmill15 Jan 01, 2016
I liked it but I'm really hoping this isn't like the other The Cell Phone Swap with Talon and Keeley