7 minutes in heaven creepypasta X reader!!

7 minutes in heaven creepypasta X reader!!

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(AN btw your a slender proxie!! :D)

As a proxie slendy invited you to a party AGAIN!! He invites you to so many partys its annoying. As you got closer to the mansion you heard blaring music but you expected that.you entered in your own custom as you usually do. EJ greeted you and offered you a kidney. You passed. "Y/N you made it, YAY!" Toby said to you. You walked into the lounge and sally came to you asking "do the trick do the trick please Y/N Please!" Everyone came to see even jeff (suprisingly). You showed your proxy sign and ran your finger around it to shaow it as a hologram witch for some reason everyone loved. "All Must play, other than sally!" "AWW :(!" Ben said depressed. He had always had this crush on her. 

"What are we playing, as if I need to ask?" You ask "7 minutes in heaven!!" Splendy replied. You all sat in a circle as you always do. "Who wants to go first?" Asks splendy as jane and clockwork sat next to you they bot raised your hands "she does!!" Jane shouts you s...

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- - Aug 15, 2017
No offence, but I bet dumb and dumber could write better fan fiction than you.
ok so i need help please which is da best ship   1: sally x Ben 
                              2: chara x Ben  
                              I need help please SEND HELP
Sage_guardian Sage_guardian Aug 15, 2017
Apparently what we didn't know was that I had two bras on😹
Bad Bad BEN!!!!!
                              She’s A Precious Cinnamon Roll!, You Will NOT Destroy Her Innocence!
- - Jan 22
Ben is like “12” and Salleh is lik “1” BEN YOU PEDOPHILE!
You are actually high. What have you done to Slendy? Ok... Why did I read this? Cause you could! But why?! Sorry just having an argument with myself cause... I'm insane...