Our Mistake of a Marriage

Our Mistake of a Marriage

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-J  A  B  E  R  A- By JaberaRahman Completed

I staggered back as he came closer. 

One step.

Two steps.

And then I lost count.

The fear of his rejection overtook me. I don't know why, it's not like it's something new. 
He hates me and that's okay, I'm limited anyway.


On the eve of her sister's wedding Maryam was pushed into a tight corner. To save her Grandfather's honour she walked willingly into a marriage which was meant for her sister. Only it didn't turn out quite how she imagined. Not that roses and daisies were what she expected, but some respect was definitely a requirement.

Yusuf was meant to marry the love of his life, only to find her little sister in her place instead. An instant hate was formed on the basis of misinformation and a clear sense of not-wanting-to-know.

Maryam faces many trials in the form of the people she now lives with. 

A snide mother in law, crazy siblings, and her scary husband himself.

How can one woman prove herself to so many people in such a short time?

©JaberaRahman 2014

sabagul28 sabagul28 Apr 28
Oh that's so sweet of u .... some people get offended when their mistakes are pointed out
My grandmother is like my  second mother. Not that my my parents don't love me, but I spent most of my childhood with her.
sahlah123 sahlah123 Apr 05
I am really sorry about your parents and very interesting book☺♡♡
Nuzhat_qureshi Nuzhat_qureshi Oct 30, 2015
I already love your book bc u have a character named Yusuf and I lovethatname dearly
kushiananya99 kushiananya99 Oct 25, 2015
thank god atleast u dnt feel offended when i point out mistakes most f them freak out
GoldenSunnah GoldenSunnah Jul 25, 2015
Hell u don't control me u can't make me read humph
                              * flips the page secretly because she likes it*