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KYLEN COETZEE By kalelcoetzee Completed


"Through the sins of man and perversions of the wicked, when innocent blood is spilled by that that should not be, darkness will be born".

When a dark beast of hell is unleashed and leaves a bloody massacre in it's wake, it is up to a reluctant James Crowley and tortured soul Detective Monroe to delve into the shadows and overcome the worst of humanity before earth becomes a true hell.

As Shadow's Scream is a dark, disturbing psychological thriller that explores the depravity and darkness of the world we live in. It is the first book in the exciting 'As Shadow's' trilogy

GraemeBosworth GraemeBosworth May 28, 2016
Chocked should be choked. Sorry but I'm a total grammar Nazi.
exorcismlover exorcismlover Jun 19, 2016
Once his pleasure and satisfaction of screams of agony are gone, he goes crazy
Jessica7900 Jessica7900 May 02, 2016
You mean she not how dare "he" 😂 but good story so far I love it 🙂💛
Redneck_lifestylesz Redneck_lifestylesz Aug 07, 2016
I love this book so much! If u want to read it I would suggest u r 13 or older cause it has a lot of scary parts and people stabbing people!🙈🙈😢😞😒🙅👻👽👀💙👂💪👣💋👏👐💟💜💜🌈🌵🌷🌅🌅🌐🚽🛀🚶🚣🚥🚦🔩🏊🔪🔪🔪🔪
Angelina56mm Angelina56mm Oct 20, 2016
Abel is the other part of him the shy part and no its not psychological its not split personality abel is pocessed by a demon from hell 😏
FashionistaFarah1 FashionistaFarah1 Mar 11, 2016
Im not accusing u but I think u copied The Neighbor and The Letter. In The Neighbor, the person has a personality disorder too and in The Letter the man called himself nightmare like yours.