Every Last One of Them

Every Last One of Them

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((Long EreRi story suggested by @Ebeciara. Hope you enjoy! :D))

Eren Jaeger is extremely depressed, and it's all his fault.

If only he wasn't a titan, he wouldn't have to be fighting himself.

Worse, it seems like nobody cares. 

Nobody notices the cuts on his wrists, or the bruises on his arms. 

But when someone DOES notice, Eren never would've imagined that it would be Lance Corporal Levi who would change his life. 


MintedFox MintedFox May 29
Then we all realize there's more chapters so it's not the end yet.
DorcheeVang DorcheeVang Apr 12
Omg so kawaii and so much blood! Almost made me sad and so cool
I bet he listens to blood on the dungeon floor. Heh. I'll be leaving now.
NO shut up me. There's no logic in fanfiction just fanfiction loguc
This will most likely happen in season two because they like to do everything to kill us
So what if I'm crazy the best people are~
                              Not in Eren's case Melanie