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Dragon's Princess

Dragon's Princess

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CSW1995 By CSW1995 Updated 4 days ago

Mature Content [Ages 17+] *M/F/M* [BDSM] Twin Dragons Series, Bk 1.

Princess Summer just wanted to help Dragons stay safe from her power-hungry brother's plan to enslave all Dragons. She didn't expect to run into Dane or Aneurin, two brother Dragon Lords, who are far too dangerous and attractive for her own good. War threatens to break out between mortals and Dragons, but can Summer prevent war and survive to tell the tale?

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Medina_S_S Medina_S_S May 10
This reminds me of Danerys Targaryen. but mostly anthing now reminds me of her since i want to see the 7th season so bad
louiseS1996 louiseS1996 Apr 03
Yeah no one else had given me any warning, now i shall happily go through the ads :)
Angelys109 Angelys109 Apr 27, 2016
Loving the beginning so far, very engaging *-* It really caught my attention in the first 2 paragraphs.
Lord_Draconis Lord_Draconis Apr 13, 2016
All of these chapters are awesome but why Dane so weird and Aneurin so friendly?
Xx_Ayn_xX Xx_Ayn_xX Apr 12, 2016
This is awesome so far, If there are innapropriate secnes I'll just skip it bc I am not ready to read that..... for a long time
Emily0593 Emily0593 Mar 22, 2016
Seriously,, all your stories are sooo damn gooood... Feels like reading quality novel for free... You are definitely talented writer.. Keep being you!!!!!!🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆