Pregnant By My  Bestfriend Brother

Pregnant By My Bestfriend Brother

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Domonique Hawthorne By DomoniqueHawthorne Updated Feb 12, 2013

He kissed my Neck, I moaned. A tingly feeling   shiverd down my back like a ghost touched me. He grabbed my waist in pulled me closer to him I slowly moved my hand under his shirt rubbing over his 6 pack  in pulled it over his head. He picked me up,in I quikly wrapped my legs around his waist. 
He slowly walked back to his room with me wrapped around him,still kissing me on my neck as I moan quitly but still loud enough for only him to hear. 

Not Based On a True Story(: 

Naonaonaobr Naonaonaobr Jun 30, 2016
I was gonna read this but too many bad writing if you 10 years old Shame on you for writing about sex if your are 15 years old Shame on you for not knowing how to spell
SweetMorningRush SweetMorningRush Jul 02, 2016
I was excited to read this. Although, with too much spelling mistakes I gave up. Seem good though! Don't ever give up. Maybe go back and fix up the errors!
sonaynay824 sonaynay824 Nov 19, 2016
The grammar is terrible. The plot doesn't make sense. You should really learn how to use the English language. Overall, it's terrible and I'm sorry I ever read it.
sarena_xoxo sarena_xoxo Jan 02, 2014
going* v if youre gonna correct someone do it right.  & lol I'm white & Italian & I have curly hair c: you described me cx
DomoniqueHawthorne DomoniqueHawthorne Oct 27, 2012
Can everyone read my book,i just started but I believe you we ould really like it.