Sibling Love TMI FanFic (J/C/S) *R Rated*

Sibling Love TMI FanFic (J/C/S) *R Rated*

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Anne By MistressAnne Updated Aug 27, 2016

*EXTREMELY GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT* 18+ (I know that people probably won't listen to this, but yea, for our young readers out there, you might wanna skip this story...)

What if Jace had no control of his actions?
What if Sebastian was being influenced by his brother's heart?
What if Clary found a way to love them both?

This story takes place after the link between Sebastian and Jace was formed. Clary tries to find a way to bring Jace back to her, but she finds herself drawn to Sebastian. Maybe there is something to their blood after all. Maybe she will find herself, not loving only one, but both of her brothers.

I thought it was about time to make a SebastianxClaryxJace book so here it is. WARNING: Rated R content. I mean it is an incestuous threesome. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Of course, all characters belong to Cassandra Clare and I might even add in some bits from the book itself, who knows. I own nothing that she wrote, she's a brilliant author. I just wanna see a kinky side to all of this.

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starwarslover12321 starwarslover12321 Feb 04, 2017
That went from 0 to 100 real quick but I'm not complaining 😏
SandraHerondale16 SandraHerondale16 May 20, 2015
no fifty shades of grey...its better...and its fits to his actions;-)
Luna_jewel22 Luna_jewel22 Apr 21, 2015
People we must be writing to encourage the author not make him stop writing
liarliar999 liarliar999 Feb 21, 2015
*No more waiting. They had waited for her for almost 5 months, ever since they met...*
MistressAnne MistressAnne Nov 23, 2014
Lol know me ;) I know an insane lover who said those exact words once...