Arkham High {Slow Updates}

Arkham High {Slow Updates}

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PsyIzaRoppi-138 By PsyIzaRoppi-138 Updated Sep 16, 2016

Johnathan woke up, his head was pounding, he couldn't think. All he could remember was yelling. What had happened last night? He looks around, he definitely was in his room but the atmosphere was different, and the room was red, the girls must've gotten out. He sniffed the air to realise there was the scent of his Fear toxin in the air, he must've sprayed himself last night. But he didn't remember having any nightmares last night. Yet, he could still had screaming in the back of his mind, but it wasn't his. Using the wall for support Johnathan stood up and leaned against the wall. A sound made its way into Jonathan's ears... whimpering. 

Scanning the room John's eyes fell to Edward Nigma curled up in the corner whispering to himself over and over, "I'm sorry dad, I'll do better dad, I'm sorry dad, I'll do better dad, I'm sorry dad..." His terrified eyes stared through the wall as if nothing was around him.

"Crap." Johnathan crouched down beside Edward, "Edward?" No response but the c...

cutepinkberrypie cutepinkberrypie Dec 22, 2014
Poor harley! Poor joker! Poor them!!! (Lol good thing I ship them XD)
forever_gone46 forever_gone46 Nov 27, 2014
Ya should incorporate something like this in your riddler book. (Is incorporate the word to use? I dont know I'm bad with words...yet I love to write! )
PsyIzaRoppi-138 PsyIzaRoppi-138 Nov 25, 2014
@-HarleyQuinnNew52 yeah i know but i wanted this story to evolve the characters into who they grow up to be. I hope that's getting across right.