Save Me From Myself » Daniel Howell AU

Save Me From Myself » Daniel Howell AU

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[Trigger warning: Suicide, self-harm,  eating disorders, and depression is mentioned many times in this story. Do not read if those things could trigger you.]

Sadness and sorrow, you wouldn't expect those words to sum up the sister of Phil Lester, but they did.. She just feels like nothing. She needs someone to save her from herself. 

©TheMeganHowell 2014

[Ahead of time, I would like to say that this was my first book after my long break from writing and me reading this is like Dan watching his first video. So much cringe. So it sucks. Stay away. Thanks.]

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mikeijuana mikeijuana Sep 02, 2017
i'm just binge reading the most depressing fics i can find wyd
HanYerim HanYerim Apr 16, 2017
Phew . It's addicting as hael . 
                              Btw . 1 month clean . Promise myself to not do it anymore for my sake . Not for other ppls sake.
stxnbrough stxnbrough Apr 05, 2017
i'm a month clean bc i promised my dad i wouldn't any more and i feel guilty really easily so i can't or i'll have an anxiety attack
TasteTheLlama TasteTheLlama Sep 02, 2017
I had to replace "Megan" with my name or else I'd think of Megan from family guy lmao
AwkwardlyIna AwkwardlyIna Oct 12, 2017
Reading about how long everyone has been clean makes me really envious and kinda sad bc I've been at the most a day clean. But that hasn't been for a while...
TooCoolForYou52 TooCoolForYou52 Jul 17, 2017
I had to read this cuz the title reminded me of Set It Off  😂