Sweet Thang | l.s. au

Sweet Thang | l.s. au

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-> @chansoosus By bottombabie Updated Jan 13

Louis is a girl trapped in a boy's body. He hates his anatomy and only has to wait two more years before he can get his sex change.

He loves girl's clothes. He has it all, dresses,skirts,tight skinny jeans. Louis loves all things girly.

Sure sometimes he gets picked on by the school asshole and jock, Zayn Malik. But other then that, his life is pretty good.

What happens when the tall,lanky new kid, Harry Styles, comes into his life?

Will Louis' life become better, or worse?

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27Curious 27Curious Sep 13, 2017
The people in the comments are so annoying. Let's hope they don't say those types of things to an actual trans person.
lousbumtohazsdik lousbumtohazsdik Dec 15, 2016
Bleh nah cause I like boyish things so I feel him. I hate my private area too. Not a big deal ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
lousbumtohazsdik lousbumtohazsdik Dec 15, 2016
Bleh let's be trans together lou I don't want my boobs and vagina v_v
TheActualLucifer TheActualLucifer Aug 20, 2016
I would say "me when I told my mom I was bi" but she took me straight to church then I got a lecture about how homosexuality is bad (:
BabieNostalgic BabieNostalgic Feb 06, 2017
No one wants this tbh. My boobs hurt my back and vagina means period. But if she wants it then so be is 😄
TheActualLucifer TheActualLucifer Aug 20, 2016
Tbh I love being a girl bc girls are pretty and I like to think that I might be pretty on the very rare occasion