Sweet Thang | l.s. au

Sweet Thang | l.s. au

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de is fried . By bottombabie Updated Oct 04, 2015

Louis is a girl trapped in a boy's body. He hates his anatomy and only has to wait two more years before he can get his sex change.

He loves girl's clothes. He has it all, dresses,skirts,tight skinny jeans. Louis loves all things girly.

Sure sometimes he gets picked on by the school asshole and jock, Zayn Malik. But other then that, his life is pretty good.

What happens when the tall,lanky new kid, Harry Styles, comes into his life?

Will Louis' life become better, or worse?

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I would say "me when I told my mom I was bi" but she took me straight to church then I got a lecture about how homosexuality is bad (:
why is everyone hating on vagina. Vaginas are amazing, yes it comes with periods and sht. Vaginas can do so much stuff
My outfits consist of:
                              -plaid shirts
                              -sweat pants 
                              -sports jerseys 
                              -tons of jordans, huraches, converse and vans 
                              -leather jackets 
                              -cargo pants 
                              -snapbacks and beanies 
                              -and no skirts/dresses
                              Im a girl and totally comfortable with what i wear
Tbh I love being a girl bc girls are pretty and I like to think that I might be pretty on the very rare occasion
user12200w user12200w Jun 17
I cant even sleep how i want bc my boobs are always in the way
I was actually thinking like man we need to shop together because I need down fashion sense