I Have to Have Him (BoyxBoy)

I Have to Have Him (BoyxBoy)

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Dominic Valentine, sexy, wealthy author. Sold thousands of copies of his last novel. To celebrate this big number, his best friend since grammar school, blindfolded him and dragged him into a gay strip club. He was furious because if someone saw him in a place like this it could be bad for his career. People are quick to judge and they’d make him look like a bad person. But all his care and caution flew out the window when he spotted the beautiful boy dancing in the cage.

That beautiful boy would be Orion Harding. Orion Harding...A do it yourselfer. He’s been on his own since he was sixteen when he ran away from his foster home. His foster parents were cruel to him and one night something bad happened—or almost happened—and he decided he wasn’t going to wait around for it to turn him into a bitter, scared person and ran away.

This magnificent beauty with hooded blue eyes, succulent full lips, and a sexy, sexy dancer, captured Dominic. Dominic didn’t know what it was about that boy that made him feel so enflamed with passion, lust, desire and just a little taste of love at first sight on the tip of his tongue. Whatever it was, he had to have him. And he’d do anything to make that boy fall for him.

EunChee EunChee Sep 10
Me when I get my first car from my parents. But, now im away from my baby car bcoz i further my study at different city. Haish.
meilee18 meilee18 May 09
Can I have Dom as my Best friend please??? You can have my kidney lol
knezie knezie Sep 11
Lmao I'd accept it...not bc I'm a gold digger or anything, but a gift is a gift and if we're close then "bîtch where are the mother fûcken keys??"