Loving My Stepbrother

Loving My Stepbrother

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"Mom! you can't make me go!" I shouted flipping my blonde hair out of my eyes. I knew I was being a difficult and stubborn but I was being forced to live with my mothers new husband Tom Richards. So far he hasn't been that bad of a guy, but I don't want to change my whole life around just for my mother's  latest fling. 

"Honey come on we talked about this! you don't have to change schools all we are doing is moving a few blocks away! I don't know why you have to be so difficult!" she threw her hands in the air and gave a exasperated sigh. 

"Please Alex do it for me. ever since you dad left I haven't felt this much happiness in such a long long time. please for me" she have a small sad smile and my heart broke. 
I was being selfish and everything would be fine. I felt a stab of pain as the words "your father" tumbled out of h...

TheBester01 TheBester01 Mar 02, 2016
When my mom told me to do that I wore my cookie monster sweatshirt and skinny jeans
What the hell silver jeans!? What was he trying to run to his prom?"