Anxiously Yours

Anxiously Yours

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Lovlyn <3 By LovlynBeautiful Updated Jan 03, 2017

Peter was more than a shy introvert, he was a crippling shy introvert. He never talked to new people and pretty much holed up in his apartment with his best friend Evan. Though when he discovers the lifestyle of BDSM he becomes curious. It doesn't take long for Peter to find a potential Dom, Rob. The man can be intense and passionate towards the boy, but his understanding nature and patience is what has Peter thinking he can open up to the Dominant male.


Rob and Peter are connected to @PaisleyViking 's stories and I seriously advise you to check out her stories if you haven't! There are also spinoffs from this story that can be see as stand alone on my page :).

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Well, while you're at it why not just tell him his address,social security number and the color of his underwear.
                              BABY BABY
                              LET ME SLEEP ON IT
                              LET ME SLEEP ON IT
                              GIRL: I GOTTA NO RIGHT NOW!
SpoonfullsOfSuga SpoonfullsOfSuga Dec 24, 2017
- this pussy😎
                              I'll dismiss myself now🚶🚪
mamahetttttt81 mamahetttttt81 Dec 18, 2017
You know when you like look at in the car beside you at a stop light and make awkward eye contact before snapping your head away and sinking into the seat?..... Well this is what i imagined
Someone stares at me and i start rethinking my whole life. i need help
mamahetttttt81 mamahetttttt81 Dec 18, 2017
When it says "lips wrapped around the top" I just imagine him stuffing the whole like top part of the can in his mouth😂😂