Klaus's Daughter »»» TVD

Klaus's Daughter »»» TVD

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Klaus has a daughter.

Her name is Alexia Mikaelson. She's a fighter a survivor, sarcastic, caring, nice and temperamental. She stood by her fathers side since the beginning. She loves her father and her family she'd do anything for them. She would die for them.

But in 1497 she did something to betray her father and uncle. She helped Katherine Pierce escape her fate. When Klaus found out he was furious. Alexia always feared Her fathers temper so she ran. She ran with Katherine and for over 400 years they stood by one another. They got close to one another and became bestfriends...sisters.

But they separated after they left Mystic Falls in 1864.But when they were in Mystic Falls Alexia fell in love with a certain blue eyed and black haired Salvatore. And even after 164 years she still loves him.

What would happen if Alexia and Damon reunited after 164 years? Will they be together again or will she fall for another? And what would happen if Alex see' s her father again?

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0HMAES0 0HMAES0 Jan 09
That’s gotta be hard to take a corset and massive f*****g dress when she needs help to get it on
EmiLou2808 EmiLou2808 Dec 06, 2017
The real question is how did they even sleep comfortably? Outside... on the grass... naked
Melo321Queen Melo321Queen Oct 26, 2017
The dress is very pretty it gives off the  beauty and the beast vibe
Katie666Lucifer Katie666Lucifer Jun 09, 2017
Teenagers by My Chemical Romance just came on while I read this😂😂
unusuallylongnoodles unusuallylongnoodles Aug 01, 2017
While they are at it they may as just do it in the dinner table in front of everyone too
Imagine a tourist,  hears someone from England mention tea, and they think they are being served tea (the drink) but ends up being served dinner 🥘