Unique Beauty [ Book 1]

Unique Beauty [ Book 1]

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Ciara is a beautiful girl but everyone think that she's ugly and looks down on her. Ciara is a 17 year old girl that's just trying to get out of school and start a new life.

She have a dark skin tone and hair that flows down her shoulders. She has a medium size but and medium size breast. But you can never tell from the baggy clothes that she be wearing. 

Ciara always look down upon her self even though her family well her grandmother, and best friend/cousin always said that she has a unique beauty

Read and find out what happened when she was only 14 and her life changed completely, even know at the age of 17.

magenta927 magenta927 Jul 23
😭😭😭😭 NOO. LET ME COME THROUGH THIS PHONE! they going to hell
shaneqwa shaneqwa Aug 20
Omg wow wtf that's so sad how they just ran a train on her like that
magenta927 magenta927 Jul 23
Also why is it that when ever I try 2 read a book about black people the dads always abusive like I'm so TIRED of the same old crap fro. White people it's just so HORRIBLE but then I get the same thing from black people
magenta927 magenta927 Jul 23
😭NOO!!! They going to hell and so will I if I ever find them
miiyaa24 miiyaa24 Aug 23
Bruh I can fully understand what she's going through. Though I never get touched everybody is always making fun of my skin tone, in really dark and my hair. I have locks which are line dreads and people are always messing with me
Rperkins143 Rperkins143 Jun 05
Omg Im so glad you didn't put details, I would be crying 😭