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Enemy #1 By -Madly Updated Dec 03, 2015

❝Sometimes human places create inhuman monsters.❞

❝Sometimes humans are the monsters.❞


Chaser /

Hunter /

Warmth /

A hypothermia induced man faints on Harlow's doorstep.

And so their story begins.

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    ☾Cover by me ☾written by me

meg_chicka meg_chicka Jun 23
But does it have a happy ending though??? ( pls someone reply I don't want to start it if it has a sad ending, i'm weak)
When you say suggestive content... Does that mean that there will be donuts?
I'm so emotional right now. This made me tear up. O.o (Or perhaps it's PMS?)
nwest123 nwest123 Feb 02
This is probably the most honest and poignant intro's I have ever read in my life.  It doesn't matter your age or grammar skill, it's clear you put  your heart in your writing and that's what makes for an amazing writer.  Thank you for sharing a part of yourself with us!
_nvtttt _nvtttt Aug 31
But you dont need to graduate highschool to have proper grammar! You learn that ish in like elementary
I'm already super excited for this and all I did was read this lol