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The Goddess Player ( Kuroko no basket )

The Goddess Player ( Kuroko no basket )

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@Evandarkness14 By Evandarkness14 Updated Jun 04, 2016

This story is about kuroko's cousin comming back to japan that he never saw in 7 years and we're gonna see  what will happen in her basketball life in japan and see what will her reaction meeting the basketball stars.

Oh ma god its so lame!! i'm sorry i'm not really good in writing description and i'm new to this like writing stories so just READ my story and vote//Comment//share if you like it hope you like it everyone

rcsmc22 rcsmc22 Jun 03, 2016
At first I'm like edel rose? The one from pretty rhythm rainbow live? N I'm like woahhhhhh but it's actually seirin
Makashi_K Makashi_K Jun 26, 2016
We're all scary at some point of the month either way if you catch my drift.
Carlenechak Carlenechak Apr 17, 2016
Why does no one ever wrote about viola? Is it because it is not popular? .... Srry if ur annoyed TT
haruko_uchiha4214 haruko_uchiha4214 May 10, 2016
I'm not even close 2 being lady like so my parents always complain and "you should act more lady like lr no boy will like you" and I usually say back"well I don't care" then my dad and mom start hiving me a lecture on why I should be nore lady like and honestly its REALLY REALLY annoying.
_PaperDoll123_ _PaperDoll123_ Aug 23, 2016
I want to know mine!!!
                              Can someone tell me mine??? It is 153 am I 
                              (4'0-5'10) I am so confused what my height is....please tell me... :<
A_Bellwood_sister A_Bellwood_sister Jun 25, 2016
So, when I come home, if I come home dirty my mom will make me wash my clothes and then shouts at me 'why can't you sit down and act like a darn princess?!' and I think in my mind: 'oh well, I'm sorry I ain't a princess'