Sucked Into the Naruto World

Sucked Into the Naruto World

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Priscilla-Ann Marceau By FreeHugs4FiveDollars Completed



"Mom! Can you get that I'm kinda busy!" I said from my lounge chair. My mom popped out from the kitchen and glanced at me then at the door.

"No you're not! For good sake's Ela you're right next to the door!" She shouted with the knife in her hand, practically pointing it at me. I looked at the door then back at my mother. I pulled my head phones down and pressed my lips together

"Your point is...?" I asked. All right, I seem very lazy now, but the thing is... I sort of am now. "Mikaela..." She gave me one of those looks. I made an over exaggerated sigh.

"O...K..." mom gave me another look. " of these days they will be no one to do these things for you." And with that she left. I rolled my eyes and opened the door. I looked at the three people there. Instantly, my eyes widened "Oh My God Mika! It's-" I slammed the door in their faces and ran up stairs.

"Mikaela?" My mother yelled after me. "Mika! Who was that!?" I turned...

Me with my candy.. It's all over the floor..
                              Which one is a wrapper or actual candy??
These sound like my friends its like this story was written by my friend or me to be this accurate on my life
RomanRocksyay RomanRocksyay 4 days ago
Oh yeah keep rolling your eyes, maybe you'll find a brain back there.
Blue hair I'd want blur hair. Or my hair can stay the same. That's cool too.
Bruh im listening to my music while reading as usual so me and ela would be great friends if I were in the book
TeddyBearLoves TeddyBearLoves 5 days ago
That's me but all my mom would have to say is "I'll stop paying your Crunchyroll account and Netflix too and anything you need to watch that an-i-me stuff or what ever it's called" and I would get that door at the speed of Ludicrous (the rapper)