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Bad boys do it better

Bad boys do it better

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AlexiShaw By AlexiShaw Updated Apr 16

Like a wise man once said, "bad boys are no good. But good boys ain't no fun." And let me tell you one thing. He was completely right.
  "That's Kyle Queen a.k.a. the ultimate bad boy. He is a bad news, stay away from him if you don't want to get hurt."
  "Not only is he a bad boy, he is also a playboy. He broke too many hearts. He's not good for you."
  "If you start hanging out with him, the only thing you will have left will be your broken heart."
  I was warned about him. I heard rumors about him. Did I listen? Of course not. 
  I still wanted him. Ever since I've met him, my life has been nothing but a rollercoaster. Up, down, up, down, constantly. He was the one who made me feel alive. He made me feel different, like I could do anything. He changed my life. He changed me.  He was like a drug to me. And when I got him, I couldn't get enough.
  The real question is, was it worth it? Worth all the tears, the worries, mistakes, problems and other things he caused?
  I guess you'll have to read to find out.

I would stare at his sexy features then say your sexy, but please don't kill me!!!!!!!!
MollyWatson170 MollyWatson170 Aug 24, 2016
I would get back whatever he stole and then I would quite happily kiss him and then run
cutiepiechloe cutiepiechloe Jun 18, 2016
I would try be friends with him by my sassy self😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
yours_truly_lexi yours_truly_lexi Jun 26, 2016
If someone robbed me and asked nicely for money or my purse or jewlrery or something and said please and thank you I would probably give it to them espeacialy if they were sexy .
BlueEyedGoldilocks BlueEyedGoldilocks May 10, 2016
Maybe on TV as Roy in arrow you know when he steals Theas bag
3_00alien 3_00alien Jun 06, 2016
Honestly I would be scared to death and kinda relieved that he didn't murder me