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Catalyst [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction]

Catalyst [A Transformers Prime Fanfiction]

48.2K Reads 2.3K Votes 22 Part Story
Chelsea McPherson By SaitheSuperSaiyan Completed

Mackenzie Faye Cooper is a young teenage girl with a dark, unforgettable past. She’s just trying to
have a normal life, which is a bit hard when your parents are abusive and your older sister is keeping secrets from you.

One afternoon, after a rough day at school, Mackenzie is hit by a red and blue Peterbilt truck. She doesn’t realise it initially, but that accident is a catalyst for something bigger, something far more dangerous… and far more exciting than Mackenzie would have ever dreamed.

                              Knockout- WHAT?!
                              THAT IS NOT HOW YOU TREAT A LADY!!!
                              Knockout-*flips me off and walks away*
I think this is the first transformers prime fanfiction were the oc isn't suspicious about Raf hopping into a fancy yellow car
                              My mom is always yelling at me for "staying up" and reading on wattpad. She says I can't sleep because I'm reading.
Was he busy talking to Ratchet about something regarding the humans? Cause that makes the most sense as to why he didn't see Mackenzie
What a wonderful way to meet your future lover!
                              Imagine the story to tell to the grandchildren!!!
Not man enough to hit another man but instead you hit a woman trying to be cool and reality everyone's just going to come after you and beat you up goodbye knockout forever