He Rejects Me✅

He Rejects Me✅

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RightOnCue✔️ By Stalker_Much Updated Apr 26

He Rejects Me    

Being the well known wolf of your existence has it's perks but when you're recognised for evil and destruction things can get messy.  

 White wolf Bridgette D'cruz has been tormented her entire life, as a weak and as a threat things get shaky with her life, dreaming of a mate come true Bridgette dreams of having her one true love by her side to concur her emotions and her weaknesses but what happens when the person the Moon Goddess decides to pair you come with is the main reason for your weakness?

 Alpha Max Steele, being the self centered wolf and let's not forget the hottest, Max get's all the girls he wants, when fate decides to pair those two up Max's wolf couldn't be more happier

But Max can't leave his playboy ways behind and decides to do only those without a heart does... rejects his mate. 
Leaving Bridgette heart broken then she already was Bridgette feels even more neglected and broken.    Max leaves a scar on her life and that makes her run away.    As people come and go in Bridgette's rouge life, there's one who stood out the most. Lucas Harcup. 

Had fate given her a second chance? O r was it messing with her life again?    Well you're just going to have to read and find out.

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SkylerSabine SkylerSabine May 17, 2016
I just started reading your story and I love it so far, introduction or not the book sounds very interesting . Thank you for writing it
Stalker_Much Stalker_Much May 01, 2015
its a introduction...not the entire freaking book.