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2p Hetalia Lemons

2p Hetalia Lemons

67.4K Reads 923 Votes 4 Part Story
ѕтorмy ray waтerѕ By Catbug_and_Puppycat Updated Jul 13, 2015

Ok well I want to do a full on Lemon book request here please

angelstar2272 angelstar2272 Oct 12, 2016
2p China x Reader
                              2p Japan x Reader
                              2p Norway x Reader
                              2p Iceland x Reader
                              2p Scotland x Reader 
                              if it to much just let me know these are the ones i come up with 😅
FilipinoHetalianJet FilipinoHetalianJet May 02, 2016
Heya mon ami!!nice to meet ya!!Allen x reader!!don't forget the porn!!
                              Allen:,dollface what the fuvk?!
Dirty-Little-Pervert Dirty-Little-Pervert Mar 08, 2016
There just jealous of your awesomeness those losers CAN SUCK IT
super65natural super65natural Nov 24, 2016
Author-sama are you ok? If you need someone to talk to just pm me.
KawaiiLustfulKitty KawaiiLustfulKitty Jul 08, 2016
LET ME AT EM I'LL SCRATCH EM! *hisses and gets held back by Matt and Allen* Bullies are just people who just want to be as awesome as you! ;)
FilipinoHetalianJet FilipinoHetalianJet May 02, 2016
Yeah...your grade school experience mirrors mine...hell right? But don't worry!!you will
                               find friends!! Those baztards and defenietly bitchez are just jealous trying to fxckin ruin your day that's because your awesome like zhe awesome Prussia....we otakus are here for you bruder!!!