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My Master, Kakashi Hatake

My Master, Kakashi Hatake

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ばか By GeorgieKakashi Completed

Profile - Emi Funkai, 22 years old, black belt in four different martial arts, guitarist and singer, future model maybe? A warm-hearted and stunning girl with white hair and black streaks and tips. Who would've thought that she end up in the Naruto world after she'd been killed? And I bet you'd never have thought that she'd appear in the Naruto world, in the form of a dog? Welcome to Emi's world.  After being rescued from the wilderness by a certain masked ninja with gravity defying hair, Emi begins to form a close and strong bond with her new master, Kakashi Hatake.  But when Konoha is under attack, will she be able to protect the one man she loves more than anyone in the whole world, when he's targeted by Pain? But what about Pakkun and his little...crush?  Cover by MisakiofKonoha  DISCLAIMER - I don't own Naruto or any of Masashi Kishimoto's characters or plots, I only own Emi, Aya, Hikaru and their kids. Enjoy the story! ^^

I just imagined a person run crawling....and it is horrifying. (And I have actually experienced a person run crawl towards me it was scary....and it was also the middle of the night and like there were no lights on and it supposed to be a prank)
It's fine, I wrote a short story of some of my classmates I ship and made them kill each other so it's fine..
DEATHwish2022 DEATHwish2022 May 17, 2016
LOL I thought this was funny for no reason, heck I even snorted :)
HybridCraft_HGF HybridCraft_HGF Apr 19, 2016
And I'm a wolf. If this were to have actually happened to me I would be a wolf.  :D
MsBelieverrrr MsBelieverrrr Dec 24, 2016
No it's ok I have been in the depths of Wattpad and let me tell you this weird is nothing
VexillariaVain VexillariaVain Oct 23, 2016
As a 23 year old. Let me tell you. Weird IS unique and often brilliant. Not saying that like I'm super old or anything. Its just that weird doesn't seem to change with age. Lol