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Bonnie x Reader (EDITING)

Bonnie x Reader (EDITING)

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Cirque Du Désespoir By VexyVex Completed

You needed a job deceptively, you come across a ad for Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria, night shift 12am-6am. You remember going there as a child and being with your best friend Bonnie, but will he be the same when you come back, will he remember you or is he just a cold heartless robot.

Here where I live Its more complicated instead of small medium large etc we have size 1 size 2 etc
I thought chica said: LETS EAT!!! I was like, er, why aren't we running?
*has bombs and guns and knives*
                              *power is out* 
                              *freddy appears*
                              *throws plushie*
                              Wtf is wrong with me
Me: Heck nah heck to the nah nah!!!
                              Mom: WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOUNG LADY!!!
                              Me: *slpas mom* *runs away* SEE YA LATER!!.....B#TCH!!!
*holds a knife up to him* Tell me, I know your purple guy, so tell me! TELL ME IF SENPAI REMEMBERS ME! (guys i know he isn't XD)
*que apocalypse music* OH GOD ITS THE START OF AN APOCALYPSE!!