Broken Belle (Beauty and the Beast fanfic)

Broken Belle (Beauty and the Beast fanfic)

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Okay I know what your thinking, beauty and the beast. Kind of babyish, Don't get me wrong I love Diney films! Okay I'm begging you, please take a chance on this book. My sister is gonna help me make a trailer, I get a cover and I'll put pictures and music on EVERYTHING! This is my official Halloween special.. so yeah have fun!

"Belle?" Adam enquired edging cloaser to Belle who had been standing by the fogged up window for five minutes now.

"Yes my love?" She looked back and smiled before twirling towards him, her golden dress blowing up slightly. She spun toward him before landing in his warm enbrace and falling onto the red velvet love seat.

"Is everything ok, you've been standing there looking out of the window. I can't help but be worried for the love of my life." A shadow of of a smile spread across Belles face as quickly as it dissapeared,

"I fear I may be going insane Adam, I feel like something is peircing my heart. I feel pain and sorrow for no particular reason, I feel ...

  • dead
  • forest
  • philipee
  • snow
  • wolves

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