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You and I.. eternity? (A SebaCiel fanfic)

You and I.. eternity? (A SebaCiel fanfic)

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Sophia By BeautifulDisaster422 Completed

Ciel has loved Sebastian since he first spoken to him. Ciel was born in 1991. He starts off as 14 yrs old in the year 2005. 
He is in fact a demon! 
Secrets of the past are told, hearts shattered, and blood splattered. They have many obstacles. Including... Lizzy.Will they ever come to be lovers? Or will they're hearts forever be separated by the cruelty of others and the shyness of their own demonic undead souls.

(2017 edit: This was my first ever fan fiction and it has many typos, continuity errors, and many plot holes. I also don't ship Sebaciel anymore. I wrote this when I was a lot younger and when my writing skills were pretty bad. Not that they're that great now. Anyway, if you do still want to read this, go ahead, but please know that this is old, and does not represent my writing style.)

Nekonekowawa Nekonekowawa May 21, 2016
The clumsy servents screaming, the demon comes to attack or rather help. Strangest horror movie ever.
echoes_of_legacy echoes_of_legacy Mar 11, 2016
You are alive Sebastian that's what you did wrong.
                              I'm so mean
blancana blancana May 21, 2016
Your handsomeness got to him Sebby, and it got to the fangirls on the first episode!!!
-The_Hanji_Zoe- -The_Hanji_Zoe- Jun 29, 2016
Your sexiness has finally got to him. Us Fangrells have already been affected
Fangrell_Otaku Fangrell_Otaku Apr 05, 2016
It was only just dreaaaaammmm
                              I was thinkin' bout you, thinkin' bout me
                              Thinkin' out us, what we gonna be~ 
                              Open my eyes, it was not just a dreeaamm
blancana blancana May 21, 2016
I'm a magical fairy!!! Let me grant your love wish ciel!!! Jk, but stay positive ciel!!!