To Gain, To Lose, To Love - Edward Elric x Reader

To Gain, To Lose, To Love - Edward Elric x Reader

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°•Blue Dreams•° By BlueDreamCatchers Updated Jan 10, 2017

Hey guys ^-^ It's time for another FANFICTION, featuring your one and only beansprout in town- Edwarrrrd!
What I mean is here's another crappy story.


As you travel down to your home town, Resembool, requested by your distand sister- Winry Rockbell, you meet a very nice boy about your age going by the name Edward Elric. At first you are not very close with him, but over time you develop strong likings for him and his sweet yet stupid actions as you work together to gain back what you have lost. Even though Winry and Alphonse may be a bit jealous at times, everything revolves around Ed. Will he love you back? Or will you end up falling for someone else, or maybe even no one at all?

This is my third STORY I have written so feel free to check out my others
°•Hope you enjoy•°

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HagarenNoWaifu HagarenNoWaifu Aug 29, 2016
Winry-chu... Edward-bulbasaur... Alphonse-squirtle...
                              THEY'D BE SO CUTE~
SilentSparky SilentSparky Jan 13, 2017
Ed, I haven't told any other males ('cept for Tamaki) this.
                              YER SO PRETTYYY!
C_C_Grey C_C_Grey May 17, 2016
I'm a hermit in my room watching anime, how would you expect me to travel somewhere without free wifi?!
midna555 midna555 Apr 30, 2016
One question: is this based off of the 2003 series or Brotherhood, cause I haven't finished the original series meaning I haven't watched brotherhood 😅