Life as a child was amazing. 

Your weight didn't matter. 
Your clothes didn't matter.
Your parents money didn't matter.

All that mattered was who you were going to play with, but that's all gone now. My sister hates me, my mom has no time for me, and my dad, well he left me. My life has been one whirlwind after another. Except I'm content with it, till it all comes crashing down.

Every television, billboard, and magazine is covered with models. Models that are supposed to be role models, for us. Perfect face, perfect body, perfect life. I have none of those things. All my life I've never cared that I was over weight, and didn't wear makeup. 

Who knew a boy could change all of that?

That's when I decided to starve myself, force myself to look like the girls in the magazines. 

Who knew all I was doing was slowly killing myself?

Life likes to play games, except my game is called Ana and I don't think I will survive.


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ArianaGrandeEmma ArianaGrandeEmma Aug 27, 2017
OMG that book trailer was the best i have ever seen in my life!!!
FckingSinatra FckingSinatra Jun 08, 2015
This is so amazing like Jesus take the wheel. Bless, could you perhaps update twice every week?