Cocoa Kisses | ✓

Cocoa Kisses | ✓

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Sweet Treats: Book 1

When feuding friends and college freshmen Annabelle Robinson and Caspar Bracken decide they've had enough of each other and want to call it quits, third-wheeler James Prosac proposes the stupidest idea to ever be heard of.

Back in the day, they had initially met each other at Caspar's log cabin in Charlottesville, Virginia where Caspar and James had kindled a bromance and Annabelle and Caspar had managed to begin a strained friendship. James challenges the two to take each other on a trip down memory lane and back to the place where it all started during their three weeks of winter vacation.

So when the sun goes down and the snow starts to fall and the stars come out, so do the heavy quilts, bedtime stories and hot chocolate and it becomes pretty obvious that the stupidest idea ever isn't so stupid after all.

Cover Credit: impediments
[by The_Fallen_Rose]

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Chick-Lit #22 (11.22.14)
Short Story #7 (01.09.15)

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_unflamed _unflamed Mar 06, 2016
I have a feeling I'm going to like this James guy most and ship him and Annabelle
rhapsodised rhapsodised Jul 02, 2016
I remember reading this like, two years back, on my previous account, and it was so good, I cried. #feels
PublishedBy13Ihope PublishedBy13Ihope Mar 27, 2016
RAWR! Kitty fricking cat is very happy with what she see's!
senseikiwi senseikiwi Dec 26, 2015
He he he the first thing that came to mind when i read this was
                              PERCY JACKSON'S RIPTIDEEE
                              then my dreams were crushed 😐
brainstormer15 brainstormer15 Dec 13, 2015
Its nearly 2016 and still listening to this song on a daily basis. This is my song. :)
Guitarist4Life1120 Guitarist4Life1120 Mar 03, 2015
because it has the word naked i apparently can't read this on a school computer -__-