Escorting Mr. Hyde

Escorting Mr. Hyde

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Q. By iwillluv1d4ever Updated Jul 24

Beau Parkinson is tired of pulling his youngest Molly out of trouble. 

Molly just wants to have fun.

Beau has had enough.

Enter Landon Hyde, at 30 years old he's made a remarkable name for himself in the business world and a good friend of Beau. And when his old friend ask a certain favor he couldn't be more annoyed.

Molly is in for a surprise when she learns she will be a summer intern to Mr. Hyde. 

But once she meets the beautiful business tycoon she couldn't be more happy to.... assist.... his every need.

I want Bo now and as a child asking if he could send molly back and asking if they can name her Spongebob when I say as a child I mean when we have children that's how our children act
msmarch24 msmarch24 Jul 15
Honestly don't know why escorting is in the title... she's not an escort she's a little rich brat! The only thing she inherited from her mom is not being able to keep her legs closed. Not exactly trying to slut shame but I call em like I see em!!!
Thank God I'm not a teenager anymore. She sounds like a bratty whinny child who needs a good ass whooping!!
msmarch24 msmarch24 Jul 15
At least he didn't cut you off little spoiled botch! If she was my kid she would've got military school a long time ago and if she's over 18 she'd be cut off... especially acting how she does!
I love how people say we need confidence and like we should be all happy with the way we look but then when people actually r everyone's like oh she's conceited or she's a slut
msmarch24 msmarch24 Jul 15
She didn't come for the job she came to bang her dads friend... which is gross especially if he's like her dads age... ew