Behind the Music

Behind the Music

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[Behind the Music Vol. 1]
All Sam Halen ever wanted to do was make music. He started playing guitar at four years old and never stopped. Growing up in a house with an abusive father and passive mother, the only escape he could ever find was in the music of Rush and Def Leppard. Eventually, he was inspired to create his own band and finally make something of himself. He knows he's got it. He just needs to know how to find it.

For her entire life, Sabra Williams just wanted to write music. She never felt like she could connect with anyone in her family and--most of the time--she felt like she were adopted. No one understood her except for her Aunt Kim. With the help of her aunt and music, Sabra can finally escape her overbearing parents and finally find an outlet for her frustrations.

With the band down on its luck and in need of new material, it's only fate that Sabra Williams turns up into the picture. Together, Sabra and the band can finally learn what it really means to be part of a team, part of a family and--most importantly--what's behind the music.

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