Dumbledore's daughter the secret prankster||harry potter fan fiction (Rewriting)

Dumbledore's daughter the secret prankster||harry potter fan fiction (Rewriting)

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You know that girl you always see walking around hogwarts but isn't in anyone's classes. Never saying a word and always has her head down. 

Well that my wizarding/witching or muggle friend is dumbledors daughter. 

She enrolled into hogwarts and becomes friends with the masters of pranks. But what happens when something unexpected happens. Read along to find out.

CupcakeViking CupcakeViking Nov 15, 2016
..........gurl my simple is the first shirt I see combined with the first pants I see and maybe my black beanie if I can find it. No makeup. No pants with three buttons.
eliicx eliicx May 24, 2016
For a second I thought she said Stripper instead of supper😂😂😂😂😂😂
helpgodsaveus helpgodsaveus Aug 18, 2016
It's supposed to be "Diagon Ally" because Harry made that same mistake in when using the Floo Network in his 2nd Year
ReiReiLuv02 ReiReiLuv02 Mar 28, 2016
If you can't even spell this, then you obviously aren't a true Harry Potter fan
FithMaurader FithMaurader Jun 09, 2016
OMFG o was just singing that the looked at this comment Shanana0218
Fiestyfiesta Fiestyfiesta Jun 21, 2016
Finally another person who names instead of numbering their chapters! I'm loving this already!