A Tale of Three Brothers: Extras

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Mali By 1mcford Updated 3 years ago
So, this was originally supposed to be a second book, but after a long time thinking about I, I decided I liked where the original one ended and I'm not going to taint the storyline. However, that doesn't mean I can't play around with epilogues and such. So enjoy these extras. Only Sam has one for now, but I'll add more later.
Holy crap Sam is just as hot as an adult haha. And how the fark did he end up in Ethiopia. This is going to be good *giggles maniacally*
LOVE the cover! I will have to read the extra's again to familarize myself. I had no idea you already started the sequel. Never got a dang notice.
Hmm, never mind, doesn't look like him now that I compare to yours.
@1mcford Haha. You did awesomely(: It's all really believable:D Though I'm still dyinglycurious to know how in the world Sam ended up in . . . Ethiopia.
                                    Oh, wait, that's simple - he's Sam. :D
Whoa! That's Sam? Hahaha(: That was a funny comment from you. :P Not sad at all, indeed(;