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The Result of Neglect Naruto Fanfic

The Result of Neglect Naruto Fanfic

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Anime Rules By Animeluver001 Updated Apr 28, 2016

The Third and Fourth Hokage are still alive as well as Kushina. Naruto has a twin sister named Mito and she is loved by all unlike Naruto who has the nine-tails sealed inside him. His sister is trained while he is left alone and forgotten in her shadow even when he is a prodigy and is made an ANBU when he is only 8 years old. Naruto even has some special abilities few people know about. Not even his parents know. What will happen to Naruto? Will his family realize their mistake before it's too late? 
What are Naruto's special abilities?

I will be using some Japanese terms which I will clarify in each chapter. Also feel free to comment and leave suggestions on what you think should happen in the story because I can always could use more help when writing.

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  • kushina
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liahgurl liahgurl May 04, 2017
The villagers are idiots. Naruto should be the hero cuz he's the body who's holding the nine tailed fox
liahgurl liahgurl May 04, 2017
It wasn't even kurama fault cuz he was controlled by a masked man *coughobitocoughcough*
Ne0nSavage Ne0nSavage Jan 31, 2017
I know it's a fanfic but after the soul death seal, you lose your soul. Medic healing can't save that
chuckles10125 chuckles10125 Dec 15, 2016
wow i thought it was obviouse why he ignored him *voice dripping in venom and sarcasm*
Leon136 Leon136 Jan 10, 2016
How is he an anbu without Minato knowing? Henge or Minato is that much of an idiot
DevinDuBose DevinDuBose Jun 15, 2015
this makes no sense. how could he be am anbu captain without minato knowing.  he's the hokage he's the one giving missions so of course  he would know about naruto. so why try to train him.